Bhakti yoga

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Mon Jun 24 08:02:47 CDT 2002

On Sat, 22 Jun 2002 07:13:50 -0500, Stephanie Stean <cerebral_rose at MAC.COM>

>Understanding all that has been said, why would people maintain Advaita
>Vedanta as being theistic?
>Theistic has God inherently involved in it, and God is not Brahman.  God
>signifies personal deity or being of some kind (English definition).

Didn't Jaldhar post that there is nothing that Brahman is not. We equate
God with Brahman for sAdhanA. Saguna Brahman is also Brahman but due to
mAyA, he appears to be with qualities. Ultimately you will only end up with
the Neti Neti declaration about Brahman/Atman.

Our scriptures also talk of a point in the sAdhanA where the sAdhak's
effort ceases are "something else" "pulls" him/her. In krama mukti, this is
probably the amAnava mAnava (non-being being ?) that guides the sarira
after a point. Sri Ramakrishna has told of Ma Kali appearing before him
with an axe in her hand asking him to chop her form as he could not get
past Her form. It is impossible to divorce theism from Vedanta of any type.


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