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Yes.  But please be careful in the usage of the words and the context.
Persons in (2) and (3) are still in samsara.  Only (1) is free.

Initially a seeker after hearing from Guru and reading scriptures gets an
idea of what brahman is {2}
Makes effort to prepare his mind to understand what is implied by the
Guru/Scripture's teaching {3}
Understands and is liberated {1}

Regarding the license to use the word "jnAna" for all three, please consult
some scholar on this matter.

Check if somebody in this list can help.


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So, it would appear, at least from the messgaes I've received from everyone,
that jnana is used in 3 common ways:

1) as PramA (Knowledge of Brahman)
2) Knowledge of Brahman as object
3) As a process leading to pramA (jnana yoga)

Any comments or corrections?

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