Stephanie Stean cerebral_rose at MAC.COM
Fri Jun 14 07:40:36 CDT 2002

Hello again SVS:

Thanks for the explanation.  It will be very helpful.  But my question was
about "usage" of the word jnana.

For example, you wrote 2 days ago:

>So as an extrapolation probably we can use jnAna to mean both the process
>and cognition.

Then shortly afterwards, you wrote:

>Jnana is two types:
>1. Knowledge of brahman
> 2. Knowledge of brahman as an object

And if I'm understanding your intent, jnana as a process if different than
jnana as Knowedge.

The "process" of knowing Brahman means one is still in ignorance, but
working towards Knowledge.
Knowledge of Brahman, is what you described in your last e-mail as
brahmavidya, where pramAta and the pramEya are the same.

So, it would appear, at least from the messgaes I've received from everyone,
that jnana is used in 3 common ways:

1) as PramA (Knowledge of Brahman)
2) Knowledge of Brahman as object
3) As a process leading to pramA (jnana yoga)

Any comments or corrections?

I still am behind in the other messages pertaining to this topic.  So if
someone has already written the answer to my question, I apologize if I have
not seen it yet.

Thanks to everyone for your assistance.


On 6/13/02 12:18 PM, "Subrahmanian, Sundararaman V [IT]"
<sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM> wrote:

> Ms. SS,
> I think the usage of the word jnAna is getting a little confusing in your
> mail.  I will explain what I know:

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