r^Na vimochana stotram

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     Please do not trust the notes on CDs and tapes.
They are mostly wrong unless you know them to be true.
For example, the mahishAsuramardini stotra was
composed by Ramakrishna kavi. But people nowadays
generally seem to attribute it to Sri Shankara.
Because a stotra is attributed to the AchArya, people
study it with reverence. Also, cassette and CD vendors
attribute a stotra to Sri Shankara if they do not know
the composer, just because our AchArya has composed
many works.I have not seen this
R^iNa-vimochana-stotram being attributed to Sri
Shankara anywhere else.
    As an aside, you might already know that there are
3 types of R^iNas - deva, R^iShi and pitR^i. The
feeling of indebtedness leaves one feeling bound, be
it materialistic or spiritual. That is one of the
reasons our elders followed aparigraha vrata.  Also it
is not bad if one prays for wealth. We have in the Sri
Sukta -'ashvadAyi cha godAyI dhanadAyi mahadhane' also
'putra-pautra-dhanam-dhAnyam hastyashvAdi gave
ratham'. Materialistic wealth is an important step for
several people to move to higher pursuits. Sri
Ramakrishna used to say 'Never Vedanta on an empty
stomach'. As long as we have materialistic concerns in
one way or the other, we remain bound. Being free of
such concerns, one can focus on higher ideals.

Just my 2c.


--- "Subrahmanian, Sundararaman V [IT]"
<sundararaman.v.subrahmanian at CITIGROUP.COM> wrote:
> I recently had the chance to listen to a CD on Sri
> Lakshmi Narasimha.  It is
> rendered by Bombay sisters. One of the stotrams is
> the "r^Na vimochan
> stotram".  The legend at the bottom of the CD states
> that it is by Sri
> Sankara. When I listened to the contents of the
> stotram, it had the
> following refrain in each line:
> "r^Na muktayE" - may I be relieved of my debts.
> and the stotra ends with the line:
> "dhanam SIghram avApnuyAt" - may I receive wealth
> soon.
> Question:
> When and why did Sri Sankara write this?  Is there a
> story behind this?
> "r^Na" and "dhanam" - do they imply something else
> or just the literal
> translation?
> Regards,

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