Prayer to Divine Mother

S. V. Subrahmanian svsubrahmanian at YAHOO.COM
Sun Jan 27 15:01:15 CST 2002

                        || Om Sri lalitAmbikAyai namaH ||
                  || Salutations to Divine Mother Sri Lalita ||

I had written a small poem today as a prayer to Divine Mother.  Last night I
was very troubled by the fact that I have still not understood the Truth and
sometimes, I fear that I may not be able to "make" it.  Will I have to go thru
many more cycles of birth and death?  - such thoughts haunt me frequently.

Today I wrote a small prayer to Divine Mother asking for Her Grace.  I have
imagined that She resides in Mt. Kailash in the Himalayan ranges with Her
Divine Family amidst Rishis.  The first few stanzas are describing Her Abode
and the later ones are my prayer.  Hope She hears me.

I am sharing this with you like a fellow student will share his homework with
his mates.

                          ||  Prayer to Divine Mother  ||

Oh Divine Mother, ambA!

Take me to the Himalyan reaches
Where the Rishis sit in silent meditation
Dedicating their bodies, minds and speeches
In Thy service and salutation.

>From these mountains’ snow
Does the holy Ganga evolve,
Echoing in its restless flow
Power of Thy mighty resolve.

>From the hearts of cave-dwelling sages
Flows the eternal Vedic stream
Guiding eager hearts since long ages
To awaken from this worldly dream.

Mount Kailash is where You reside
With Lord Shiva as Thy consort
Ganesha and Skanda praying on the side
Thou are bhakthA’s last resort.

I have gone through many a birth
Not knowing, what, how and where
Between boundless grief and worldly mirth
Maya holds me in its deadly snare.

Wasting my days in worldly matters
My mind lay in spritiual languish
As my dreams now lay in shatters
My heart bleeds in regretful anguish.

I have come to Thy Lotus Feet at last
Frightened by dreadful samsAric deluge
Holding to Thy Feet in faith steadfast,
I shall never part, my only refuge!

Oh Mother! please make haste
My burdens, I cannot carry
Let not even a moment go waste
For I will perish if You tarry.

Loving Mother! so then do Thou
Show me the way to Thy Home,
Teach me not later but now
The Supreme Knowledge OM!


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