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Sun Jan 27 10:05:57 CST 2002

What is the significance of jIvanmukti?
advaita holds that realization of brahman is possible
on this earth itself. The highly evolved seeker, who
approaches vedAntic study with a pure mind, and a
strong tendency of mumukshutva, is fit to really
experience brahman. One who has actually realized
brahman, is a jIvanmukta - he is liberated while still
living. He continues to live in a material body,
because of the momentum of the prArabha karma that has
already started taking fruit. But he accumulates no
further karma, because all Agamin karma and sancita
karma are "burnt" in the knowledge of brahmajnAna. The
body eventually dies, and the jIvanmukta is said to
have attained videhamukti. In accordance with the
Sruti, "na sa punarAvartate," he does not enter into
the cycle of rebirths any more.

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