Jnana and Bhakti

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Fri Jan 25 17:04:26 CST 2002

--- "H. Balasubramanian" <balah1 at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Dear SVS,
> wisdom comes from disillusionment.  Jnana from
> Akjnana.  When we realise that we are ignorant of
> truth, we aspire for realising the truth.
> with best wishes,
> H.B.
> from India

Hari Om !!

Wisdom that comes from disillusionment will be
temporary. Wisdom that comes out of well established
understanding is what is sought for.

After knowing that we are ignorant, one may not
automatically seek wisdom. This seeking requires
several sacrifices and the most important aspect of
living a modified life against all temptations to get
back to old ways. After all mind cheats !! That is why
MIND  is Maya. If we can refrain from getting confused
with this Maya, we can acquire the true Jnana.

Om namo Narayanaya !!


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