tAtparya nirNaya

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>Q.  Example?
>A.  The sixth canto of chAndogya is supposed to have all the indicators.  I
>have not done the exercise myself and hence I am not elaborating.  Anybody who
>already knows or is interested can try it out and can post and I will learn
>Q.  If SAstras always have to have a phalam, then what about
>statements of fact
>like tatvamasi where it is prAptasya prApti (accomplishing the accomplished)?
>A.  moksha is the phalam.

Shree Subramanian - the shadlinga-s and its relevance to 6th ch. of
Ch. Up. was discussed in the notes on Brahmasuutra-s with reference
to suutra 3.  The notes are stored in the Adviatin archives.

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