Jnana and Bhakti

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 I find Swaminarayan's remarks partly interesting and am adding my own.
Dear ken,and others who may be interested in this
The 'heart' is as much a body part as is the 'mind'.
How come, you are trying to falsify the fact WHICH IS
that they are indeed separate from one another? Again,
how can you state that the correct standpoint to be
addressed is their UNITY?

Both these parts are indeed united,respectively, as an
integral part of this 'BODY'.Is that not so? And from
the Advaitic point of view ,BOTH THESE ARE TO BE
Hemant:  This is absolutely correct. What western people call heart is basically the emotional mentality and has to be completely negated from the Advaitic standpoint.
How can one find Bhakti IN Advaita? Yes. One can
however find bhakti FOR Advaita which is indeed the
force that drives us towards that elusive 'UNITY'!
Hemant This is also very true. 

Gaudapada who was the parama guru of Adi Shankara has
in his Karika stated,

"Ashramaastrividha heena madhyama utkrishta
Upasanopdishteayam tadartham anukampaya."

The humans are of three kinds,of lower,middle and
superior intellects,
Out of compassion for them different paths of upasana
have been given.

Since Bhakti marga and Gyana marga are different
routes to the same destination,an attempt to fuse
these two with a view to find bhakti in advaita may
become an undesirable and a futile exercise.Do you not
Hemant I agree wholeheartedly. Mixing Bhakti with Advaita is most undesirable and can cause any amount of confusion. Whether they lead to the same goal is open to question.

Hari Om!
Hemant: alakhaniranjana !

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