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ken knight hilken_98 at YAHOO.COM
Mon Jan 21 03:27:39 CST 2002

> My own thesis was on Gaudapada, and I am most
> concerned with the
> introduction of bhakti elements in the Shankara's
> teaching

Namaste Olivia,

I have been concerned also with the latter point.  I
can only speak from a UK perspective but here the
head-bound antics of philosophy here made advaita
attractive inasmuch as the bhakti elements in the
stotras of Shankara were unknown. I speak not just
from the academic world but from general society where
many groups arose in the 1960's that claimed to be
teaching advaita. For some reason, about ten years
ago, the idea appeared 'to find bhakti in advaita' and
a path evolved and a particular experience stands out
that lit this path.
 Now the false separation of 'heart' and 'mind' that
has dominated much here in the UK can be addressed
from its correct standpoint of unity.
I wonder if your paper on Gaudapada was in English. If
so is a copy available?  You could send it directly
hilekn_98 at if you like rather than put
attachments on to this site.

Om sri ram
Ken Knight

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