New member introduction: Olivia Cattedra

Jaldhar H. Vyas jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM
Mon Jan 21 00:23:00 CST 2002


Thank you for your welcom to the list. I would like to join the list because
i want to learn in a more direct and traditional way.
 I have been studying advaita for many years, but just  at a formal
scholarly way but also, with deep spiritual concern. I am from buenos aires,
and I am a master on oriental studies (1979) and a ph d on indian philosophy
(1991) at the university of Salvador, were I was senior professor up to
My own thesis was on Gaudapada, and I am most concerned with the
introduction of bhakti elements in the Shankara's teaching for practical and
relative purposes from this ""existencial-humanity"""point of view.
 I know this world  is maya, but also is our starting point, and for us,
westerns, there is so much danger to (without bhakti elments) absorb the
teaching at an intelectual (conceptual) entanglments. Well, I dont know what
else to tell you, so i am at your disposal for any question you want to make
me, and besides, I apologize for my written english, wich is very poor.
Thank you once more and all the blessings may be with you


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