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Hello :
--- shrI Malolan Cadambi wrote:
> The philosophy of the hare krishna's regarding krishnAstu
> bhagavan swayam
> stems from a gross mis-understanding of the tarka sastras
> used to
> understand the meaning and the purport of Srimad
> Bhagavatam which is
> regarded as the fountain head of hare krishna thought and
> theology.
> I shall write to the list on how the hare krishna's
> understand the concept
> of purna avatara over the long weekend.
Please do. Could you also cover the following two aspects
which have long troubled me,
1. Hare krishna-s interpret the gita as though bhagavan
   is speaking in first person, while traditions that I am
   familiar with have always taught me that bhagavan does
   not speak as krishna per se, but as God ( vishnu ).
   How do shri vaishnavas interpret this?
2. Hare krishna-s also maintain that somehow krishna is
   even higher than vishnu ( which is absurd considering
   krishna is an avatar of vishnu ). So, in what sense, are
   they vaishnavas? Perhaps, you can touch on this point as

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