Malolan Cadambi malolan at IASTATE.EDU
Sat Jan 19 18:32:18 CST 2002

shri vivek anand ganesan wrote:

>Is it true that only krishnavatara is considere to be
>poorna avatara and the others are not as "complete" as
>krishna ( this I heard from hare krishna-s, since they are
>more knowledgeable about vaishnavam than I, I took their
>word for it ). I kindly request list members to clarify.



The philosophy of the hare krishna's regarding krishnAstu bhagavan swayam
stems from a gross mis-understanding of the tarka sastras used to
understand the meaning and the purport of Srimad Bhagavatam which is
regarded as the fountain head of hare krishna thought and theology.

I shall write to the list on how the hare krishna's understand the concept
of purna avatara over the long weekend.


Malolan Cadambi

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