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--- hbdave <hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN> wrote:
> Hemant wrote:
> > Sri Dave's postings made interesting reading. He
> seems to me to be a
> > man of some Knowledge. Sankara, if he is right is
> to be considered
> > spiritually inferior to Sri Ramana and Sri
> Ramkrishna. I would be
> > interested in knowing what the others feel about
> > this.                   with best regards,
> > Hemant
> I do not know how did I gave this impression!
> There is no olympics of Realization where someone
> comes First,
> someone second, etc.
> Each has his/her own approach and achievements. We
> should
> not compare or judge these Vibhutis.
> With best wishes to all,
> -- Himanshu

Namaste all,
This is such an important point Sri Dave has stated
above.  The contribution that India can make through
Vedanta and advaita in particular is to rid the world
of these 'Olympics of Realization.'
Truth manifests perfectly in time, place and context.
There is a natural impulse that arises in those who
hear the words, with enthusiasm, to share the insights
and sometimes attach these to the context. That is the
natural outward thrust but having put his fist in the
jar to grasp the nut the monkey must let go again to
get free of the enclosing jar.
Thank you for this excellent contribution to this

Om sri ram

Ken Knight

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