Himanshu Dave

hbdave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Thu Feb 21 02:22:21 CST 2002

Hemant wrote:

> Sri Dave's postings made interesting reading. He seems to me to be a
> man of some Knowledge. Sankara, if he is right is to be considered
> spiritually inferior to Sri Ramana and Sri Ramkrishna. I would be
> interested in knowing what the others feel about
> this.                   with best regards,
> Hemant

I do not know how did I gave this impression!
There is no olympics of Realization where someone comes First,
someone second, etc.
Each has his/her own approach and achievements. We should
not compare or judge these Vibhutis.
I shall be the last person to do that, that much at least I know.

If Shri Hemant points out the portion/s from my postings which
conveys such impression, I would like to at least rephrase  or even
withdraw them.

With best wishes to all,
-- Himanshu

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