Tat tvam asi?

hbdave hbd at DDIT.ERNET.IN
Wed Feb 20 01:22:25 CST 2002

nanda chandran wrote:

> Note that though I oppose "selfness" to the Atman, I've very clearly said
> that on liberation, you are the Atman where you can clearly say "aham
> brahmaasmi" in a personal sense. Understand the subtlety of the issues
> involved.

1.    On liberation, who is Atman? Who is this "you"?
2.    To whom do you say this "aham brahmaasmi"?
3.    When XYZ is liberated, PQR meets him and XYZ says "aham brahmasmi"
        does that "aham" include PQR or not?

These silly questions arise in my mind.
-- Himanshu

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