Tat tvam asi?

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 15 19:58:55 CST 2002

>I would caution you, Sri Himanshu is a learned
>scholer, and he obviously does not need any basic
>teaching. Based on his introduction in the archives, I
>realise that he is a  man of higher spiritual
>achievement. So, be careful before you offer
>suggestions to him. (Ofcourse, you will also learn
>from mistakes)

Namaste Shri shrikrishna,

Yes, I too feel Sri Himanshu is a learned person. Interaction
with learned people, even on basic teachings is a fruitful
exercise. Is this not one of the purpose of such lists ?

>Coming to your interpretation, I believe it is flawed.
>There are no THREE entities.
>Yes, there is MIND and Purusha (SELF). What you refer
>to as Prakriti is MIND itself.
>Mind IS Maya.
>Thoughts are not different from MIND. Thoughts make up
>the MIND. If there are no thoughts, there is no MIND.

Let us look at this again:

You say, there is the Self and thoughts. Mind and
thoughts are synonymous, I am OK with that. It is just
a matter of name.

But, no prakRti is not clear. For, who then would manage
the thoughts ? Say I witness the thought of myself touching a hot stove.
This needs to be followed by I witnessing a thought
where in my body in pain. Whatever be the process by
which this ordering of thoughts is managed, let us call it

Say I remember witnessing a thought wherein, I kept a book
on the table. When I look for it, I do witness a thought
where in the book is on the table ? Who handles the details
of the image of the book ? Let us call this entity prakRti.

Best regards
Shrinivas Gadkari

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