Tat tvam asi?

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Feb 15 14:34:17 CST 2002

>Standing there, I slowly slipped into a state where I was happy with
>myself, not at all worried that I was getting late to reach home, not
>irritated that no

>I was just there, just happy to BE, without worries, impatience about
getting home,

>This state lasted for about 2 hours (which I found out on ultimately
>reaching home)

>Who were those "I" experiencing various levels of inputs?

Namaste Shri Himanshu,

This is my understanding:

There are three entities:
1. You the witness, also known as the Self, Atma tattva
2. Your Mind which you witness, Mind here refers to antakarana
   and not manas.
3. prakRti, the one who mananges the images projected on your
   Mind. These images include thoughts, perceptions etc..

Within this model, the question who is the "I" experiencing the
inputs does not need an extensive analysis to answer. Who is
witnessing your Mind, by definition You, the witness are.

This combination of Mind and, You the witness, is the puruSa. I
have no evidence to beleive that Self ever exists in dissociation
with Mind. That is You always exist as a puruSa. Different states
of being are simply a result of different states of Mind.

Is this advaita ?
Not sure. Possibly a combination of sAnkhya and vedanta.

Do teachnings of advaita fit into this model ?
I have not yet had any problems with this model.

Best regards
Shrinivas Gadkari

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