Grace of God (was Re: Tat tvam asi?)

K. Sadananda sada at ANVIL.NRL.NAVY.MIL
Thu Feb 14 05:26:35 CST 2002

>Taking birth as human being -- is a karma phala.  This shows the
>ambiguity in the meaning of word grace. Sometimes it is karma phala and
>in some contexts it is not.

I would be little careful.  Karma is in the hands of  human  not
karma phala.  Karmaphala daata is Iswara and phala follows His rules
and regulations that human has no control. In the final analysis
everything comes under adR^ishhTa . Grace is only a graceful way of
saying that one has no control on.  What one has control is action -
karmani eva adhikaaraste maa phaleshuu kadaachana.

In the final analysis there are no disagreement only the perspective.

Hari Om!
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