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Hari Om !!

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> > Is Kutastha-Atman same as "Jivatman" (as referred
> > above) ?
> >
> >
> kutasthaatman is a synonym for paramatman.

I see the word Kutastha-Atman being referred with
respect to Sushupti Avastha, explaining that
Kutastha-Atman is none other than Paramatman. So, I
assume it is referring to Jivatman. However, as
Jivatman is none other than Paramatman, I guess it is
OK to say that Kutastha-Atman is Paramatman.

> >
> > Till now, I have been interpreting that the
> "Subtle
> > Body" (which does not include SELF) goes through
> > transmigration. As we say that Consciousness is
> all
> > pervading, whatever body + mind complex is there
> > "Self" will reflect in it, then how can we say
> that
> > "Jiva" will undergo transmigration ? If the above
> > statement is true, how can we attribute "WILL" to
> > reincarnate to the insentient "Subtle Body" ?
> >

My question is with reference to Transmigration and I
am not concerned with EGO. My doubt is we often say
"The Jiva undergoes transmigration". We do not say
"The EGO undergoes transmigration."

How can the sentient Jiva which is none other than
Pure Atman undergo transmigration ?

If it is not Jiva/Jivatman, how can the insentient EGO
alone 'WILL' to transmigrate ?

> > And 'Suppression of Ahamkara' is another word to
> 'Lift
> > the Veil of Maya'
> >
> It helps but there must also be the positive
> conviction, perhaps shaky at
> first but growing steadier that "I am Brahman."  If
> lack of ego alone
> were enough, infants, beggars, the insane etc. could
> be considered
> liberated.  The two aspects of sadhana, negation of
> what is unreal and
> knowlege of what is real must go together.

While I appreciate your patient replies to my doubts,
I was thinking that the word Ahamkara meaning 'Pride
or Egoism' which is one of the 16 modes of Manas is
mis-used for Ahamkara which is EGO or Abhimana which
is the prime modes of the MIND (Antahkarana) in your
above explanation. In the explanation given above, the
infants or beggers may not have Pride but they have
the individuality (at least a seed); at least they do
not say all is Brahman.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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