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>   Even when in coma or in deep sleep we say that there
> is no ego. If this is the case how can ego exist in the
> total absence of physical body with all its senses etc.,?
> Please clarify.

I think there are two seperate concepts here which are both normally
covered by the English word "ego" but which cover two seperate concepts.
One there is thae vasanas which is usually translated as "mental
impressions.  It is these which are carried in the subtle body from life
to life.  From these vasanas through the action of manas can develop
ahamkara -- the sense of I-ness.  This ahamkar can be absent or dormant in
certain cases but can also be recreated from the vasanas.  So the only
100% sure way to destroy it is to end the production of vasanas by
avoiding rebirth and getting mukti.

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