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>On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, nanda chandran wrote:
>>  >If that=92s so then why does Shankara still assert that in the ultimate
>>  >moment liberation is only possible due to divine grace?
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>>  >Can you give the reference for this quote?
>>  Ravi, I wanted to write to you earlier with the exact references, but have
>>  been travelling and hence do not have references at hand. But this I can
>>  tell you : there are two such references that the removal of avidhya is
>>  effected only by divine grace. One is in Shankara's commentary on the Brahma
>>  Sutras and the other is in his commentary on the Katha Upanishad.
>  > Maybe others can help here?
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There is a sloka in Geeta
daiviim esha guNa mayi mama maayaa duratyaya|
maam evaye prapadyante maayam etaam tarantite||

This  maya of mine is of divine origin.  only by surrendering to me
one will be able to cross this maaya - says Krishna.

Also - any knowledge is not purusha tantra that is it does not depend
on the human being.  That means knowledge cannot be willed.  One can
make an effort to gain the knowlege but the knowledge which is not a
product of a effort.  knowledge is considered as vastu tantra.  Like
hearing  - what I hear does not depend on me but on the source of the
noise.  Same way.  Knowledge has to down on one who mind is prepared.
This includes self-knowledge.  It is graceful way of saying that it
is divine grace that one can gain the knowledge.
Shankra wrote in Vivekachuudamani : manushyatvam, mumukshatavam and
mahaapurusha samsrayam - thjese is due to the diving grace only. -
durlabham trayamevaitat daivanugrahamevacha| manushyatvam
mumukshatvam mahapurusha samprayaH|

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