jIvan mukta's world view

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>See following verses from Atmabodha, the words of a jIvanmukta -
>samyak.h viGYaanavaan.h yogii svaatmanyevaakhilaM jagat.h .
>ekaM cha sarvamaatmaanamiikshate GYaanachakshushhaa .. 47..
>The sage (yogii), who knows well (samyak.h viGYaanavaan), sees the whole
>world (akhilaM jagat.h) in his own self (svaatmany eva), and sees
>the one self (ekaM aatmaanam) as all (sarvam), through the eye of wisdom

What Shankara means by the verse can be one thing and what we understand of
it can be something else.

What does a jivanmukta see? The dynamics of "seeing" in this context is
multifold and highly complex. Words like "physical eyes" and "inner vision"
have to be carefully understood/used in this context - especially so,
considering the doctrine of maya in Advaita.

Anyway IMO the issue itself is of little importance to those "on the path".

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>Does he give any reason for thinking this?  In Valmiki, Rama and his
>brothers are said to have been born as the result of the Putreshti yajna
>performed byKing Dasharatha and his queens.

Which in Prof.Gupt's opinion, was a facade for a niyoga ritual.

But this opinion was expressed by Prof.Gupt a long time back. I remembered
it as it was the first time I heard of niyoga itself. Quite possible that
the professor has changed his views since then.

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