jIvan mukta's world view

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 27 16:04:29 CST 2002

>>Also that he knows that it is not really snake, but rope; even if the
>>physical eyes "see" otherwise. The inner vision negates the outer >vision.
>Only a jivanmukta can say what a non-dual experience is like and the
>implications of such an experience in samsaara.

See following verses from Atmabodha, the words of a jIvanmukta -

samyak.h viGYaanavaan.h yogii svaatmanyevaakhilaM jagat.h .
ekaM cha sarvamaatmaanamiikshate GYaanachakshushhaa .. 47..

The sage (yogii), who knows well (samyak.h viGYaanavaan), sees the whole
world (akhilaM jagat.h) in his own self (svaatmany eva), and sees (iikshate)
the one self (ekaM aatmaanam) as all (sarvam), through the eye of wisdom

upaadhistho.api taddharmairalipto vyomavanmuniH .
sarvavinmuuDhavattishhThedasakto vaayuvachcharet.h .. 52..

Even though situated in the adjuncts (upaadhistho.api), the sage (muni) is
untouched (aliptaH) by their attributes (tad dharmaiH), like the sky
(vyomavat.h). One who knows all (sarvavid) should stand (tishhThet.h) like
an idiot (muuDhavat.h) and move (charet.h) like the wind (vaayuvat.h) - he
is unattached (asaktaH)


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