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Mon Dec 30 01:48:56 CST 2002

||AUM namo bhagavate vAsuDevAya||


I have heard that the original MahaBharata (Jayam) by
Maharshi VedaVyasa was made up of 18000 verses where
as today it is more than 50000 (approx.__ What is the
exact figure?)verses.

If so, what about the great Ramayana ? or the Shrutis
themselves for that matter?

Wasn't it a common practice to pass on the knowledge
to the desciple by reciting and not by writing? Is it
possible that some portions of our shastras got
distorted or added to by every generation?

I would like to know anybody has undertaken the
purification work to restore it to its original form?
How do they know which hymn or verse is prakshipta
(added later)? How do they date the language used?
Were there any eras in gIrvaNavANi - samskRT?

This will help in case, if anybody tries to understand
and know the samskRT texts himself.

Please do not think it as an arrogant statement but to
know the truth the means should also be pure...


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