Venkatesh or Vyankatesh ? and Why?

Vijay Naik vijay_naik1010 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 29 23:56:06 CST 2002

||AUM namo bhagavate vAsuDevAya||


One of Bhagavan Vishnu's famous name is Venkatesh.

Or is it Vyakatesh?

What is the meaning of Venkat?

Vyankat means bend or curve or crook..(Crook = a
hooked,bent or curved thing or part; hook - Webster's)

"je khalanchi 'vyankati' saando | taya satkarmi rati
vaadho||" -- Pasaayadaan in Dnyaneshwari by Sant

Let the crookedness - "Vyankati" vanish from the
crooked ('khala'-swindler) people.Let them become more
and more devoted ('ram'-'rat'-'rati')to good karmas

In this context,how we can call the lord as
Is their any explaination?


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