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Dear Sri Jaladhar,

I was looking at the archives for a posting on sanat sujaatiya and this
article by you was close by and happened to read it.

>navamaM bhAlachandraM cha dashamaM tu vinAyakam |
>ekAdashaM gaNapatiM dvAdashaM tu gajAnanam || 4 ||
>The nineth is Bhalachandra[9] and the tenth Vinayaka[10] |
>The eleventh Ganapati[11], and the twelveth Gajanana[12]. (4)


>[10] Remover (of obstacles.)  See [7].

I thought the meaning of the word was:
vinaayakaH = vigataH naayakaH yasya saH = one without a master ie., the

Can you clarify?


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