Question on a particular shiva-stotram

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Dear Sir

I have found this in a book of Siva Strotrams in my home.  This book is
published by Sri Rama Publishers of Andhra Pradesh and is quite popuplar.
This book mentions the name of the Strotram as Siva Sankara Strotram, there
are 11 slokas in it.

I shall try to transliterate this into English and mail in a couple of days.
However, as I have not learnt itrans yet, you may have some problem.

If you are acquainted with Telugu script, then I can scan it mail you the
jpg files.



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For the devotees of Lord shiva,  today is an important auspicious day
because today was the day when the cosmic dance was enacted for the
darshan of two great devotees Patanjali and VyAghra-pAda. The festival  is
called Arudra-darshanaM in the temple of Chidambaram and in all shiva
centres of pilgrimage.

I have a question on the following  shiva stotra which I picked up  fifty
years ago from All India Radio Madras. But I have not been able to locate
the text anywhere in print. Where does it come from? Who is the author? I
think it must be a piece of eight verses of which I have only seven. The
first of them is:

ati-bhIShaNa kaTu-bhAshaNa yama-kinkara paTalI
kR^ita-tADana pari-pIDana maranAgata-samaye /
umayA saha mama cetasi yama-shAsana nivasan
shiva-shankara shiva-shankara hara me hara duritaM //

It goes on like this. The last quarter of each sloka is the same as that
of the above.
I recently searched in the Sanskrit documents site. But I could not find
it there.

praNAms to all seekers of spirituality

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