Question on a particular shiva-stotram

Ravi Mayavaram ravi at AMBAA.ORG
Fri Dec 20 14:41:43 CST 2002

I think it is  called yama bhaya  nivAraNa stotram.

Please see (this a very nice audio
of this verse).   (

Probably if you send e-mail to any of the above, they may help you.  I will
also post this to ambaa-L.

On Fri, 20 Dec 2002 14:58:25 -0500, V. Krishnamurthy <profvk at YAHOO.COM>

>For the devotees of Lord shiva,  today is an important auspicious day
>because today was the day when the cosmic dance was enacted for the
>darshan of two great devotees Patanjali and VyAghra-pAda. The festival  is
>called Arudra-darshanaM in the temple of Chidambaram and in all shiva
>centres of pilgrimage.
>I have a question on the following  shiva stotra which I picked up  fifty
>years ago from All India Radio Madras. But I have not been able to locate
>the text anywhere in print. Where does it come from? Who is the author? I
>think it must be a piece of eight verses of which I have only seven. The
>first of them is:
>ati-bhIShaNa kaTu-bhAshaNa yama-kinkara paTalI
>kR^ita-tADana pari-pIDana maranAgata-samaye /
>umayA saha mama cetasi yama-shAsana nivasan
>shiva-shankara shiva-shankara hara me hara duritaM //
>It goes on like this. The last quarter of each sloka is the same as that
>of the above.
>I recently searched in the Sanskrit documents site. But I could not find
>it there.
>praNAms to all seekers of spirituality

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