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Hari Om !!

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> In relation to Srikrishna's question related to 'tat
> tvam asi' - I am
> taking liberty of copying  part of my own post in
> advaitin where same
>   topic was discussed. -The discussion is related to
> slokas in Ch. I
> (tatva viveka) of panchadasi There is a discussion
> on tat tvam asi by
> vidyaranya and he also provides a purvapaksha
> related to this
> mahavaakaya. This may not be out of place in
> relation Ken's postings
> on
>   saamaanaadhikaraNyam.
> Before I start the discussion of sloka 49 – since it
> is related to
> puurvapaksha or objection to the previous discussion
> in the earlier
> sloka-s (up to 48), pertaining to the lakshaNa
> mahaavaakya – tat tvam
> asi -  I need to provide some background for the
> discussion of sloka
> 49.

I thought 'praj~nAnam bramha' is the lakshaNa vAkya and 'tat tvam asi' is
upadEsa vAkya or tatva vAkya. But, you are referring to 'tat tvam asi' as
lakshaNa vAkya. Please clarify.

> The topic of discussion before the objection was
> raised is related to
> Brahma lakshaNa – using ‘tat tvam asi’ statement
> that involves
> bhaaga-tyaaga lakshaNa.

I think you are mixingup lakshaNa vAkya which is a mahA vAkya indicating
lakshaNa, meaning 'svabhava or nature or characteristic' of Brahman (which
is praj~nAnam), and bhAga tyAga lakshaNa which is the nomenclature used for
sentence analysis while deriving lakshyArtha of a sentence.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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