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>Hari Om!
>Is a jivan muktha free from all kinds of physical, mental and
>intellectural sufferrings/diseases? That is, will he enjoy a disease free
>body mind and intellect ?

Mukti is like if you were going in a car really fast and suddenly slammed
on the brakes.  The car would stop but not immediately because of the
momentum that had built up.  At the dawn of jnana, a jivanmukta is no
longer affected by karma.  However there is still the accumulated
prarabdha karma of countless previous lives that may have effects and
consequences.  That cannot simply be waved away by declaring oneself

> What does he do for a living as long as he is
> embodied. Will the present economical crisis affect him also?

How would you define "affect"?  Certainly if for example he wasn't able to
afford to eat he would starve to death.  But mentally he would accept all
situations he could find himself with equanimity.  Such a person is what
the Gita calls a stithaprajna -- one of steady mind.  And one doesn't need
to be a jivanmukta to try and be a stithaprajna.  Remember, Krishna
Bhagawan tught this to Arjuna on the eve of the most terrible turmoil.

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