Songs of Ramprasad

Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Sun Dec 15 22:51:23 CST 2002

Dear Friends,

This is the second posting. I hope most of you have enjoyed the first.

Upon hearing the "punishment" meted out by the jamindar, the emotional
Ramprasad burst out into this song;

O mind, ruinous fellow,
You do not know you are no beggar,
You go about from country to country seeking transient
Whereas you can sit still and regard the immeasurable
                    treasure lying in your own house
If you are genuine, O mind, be conscientious in Yoga.
No poison will prove fatal to you,
When the state of involuntary yoga will have been
Take good care of the treasure-purse given by Guru.
This is humble Ramprasad's supplication
For the attainment of the fearless feet.

Immensely pleased with this extempore rendering the jamindar sent Ramprasad
home rewarding him with a number of presents.


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