The Three guNa-s

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Some remarks on the post on the three guNa-s.

>Two basic tattva-s which are responsible for creation are:
>shiva tattva and shakti tattva. shiva tattva is the chit
>shakti of the (supreme) Being and shakti tattva is the
>Ananda shakti.
>The universe really exists in shiva tattva. But what exists
>in the shiva tattva is a very abstract universe. Let us call
>this plane of abstract manifestation P_c, c for chit. It is
>best to refer to manifestation in the plane P_c as unmanifest!
>Plane P_c might be what the scriptures refer to as avyakta,
>or P_c might even be more abstract than avyakta.
>shakti tattva gets modified based on the state of the plane P_c.
>This creates a second plane of manifestation P_s, s for shakti.
>That is, P_s is a projection of P_c. This projection is brought
>about by mAyA shakti. This P_s is what the Being sees at the
>universe. For this reason it is said that "shakti is the
>mirror in which shiva sees itself (himself)".

Correction: shiva tattva is cit shakti (not chit).

P_c being projected onto shakti and thereby creating the illusion
of P_s, is the cause of adhyAsa. This is also where the rope and
the snake analogy comes from. P_c is the rope and P_s the snake.

Best regards
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Dear Friends,

Acceeding to the request of Jaldhar, here is the

At the time of writing the song Ramprasad was
as a record keeper in a jamindars court. But this
devotee could not keep his devotion in check and
instead to fill up the record books with his
devotional appeals to the holy mother!

O Mother! give me your treasurership,
I am not ungrateful, O shankari.
I cannot stand all and sundry looting the treasure
Forgetful Tripurari is your steward -
Shiva is pleased with a trifle and is generous
                                     by nature
Yet you keep your treasure under his charge.
Half the body is leased out, but what a heavy salary
                                         for Shiva.
I am your servant without pay,
My only right is to the dust of your feet.
If you adopt your fathers way, then I stand defeated
If, however, you adopt my fathers way then I may
                                      attain you.
Says Prasad, I am undone with the trouble of such a
But if I can get at those feet of yours
I can easily get over my difficulties.

Complaints about dereliction of duty soon reached the ears of the jamindar
and he came to inspect. But after going through the devotional songs
written in the books of accounts he was moved to tears.

The books were seized, as a precious heirloom for the treasury of the
jamindar. The punishment was an allowance of Rs. 30.00 per month.

Such is the way the mother rewarded her deserving son.

More later, if the members wish it.


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