jIvan mukta's world view

V. Chandrasekaran venkatraman.chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Thu Dec 12 14:47:39 CST 2002

> Sri Anand Hudli wrote:
>  Now comes the assertion that the nAma-rUpa-kriyA basis is itself
>  unreal (mithyA).
>  If we understand this assertion, the mind becomes peaceful.
> Anand

In the snake-rope example, snake completely vanishes in the eyes once
we see in light. This example is chosen to explain that world vanishes
when knowledge dawns.
Does the world vanish from the eyes when knowledge dawns? A jIvan mukta
still sees world when he partakes food, takes rest, or goes around temples
etc., This means that the nAma-rUpa-kriyA appears as is in the eyes of the
jIvan mukta as well. But we are certain that He is devoid of delusion.
If one doesn't see nAma-rUpa-kriyA, but sees a homogeneous existence we
would expect a motion-less state in his gross body. But we don't see this
in jIvan muktas..

> Sri Vidyashankar wrote:
> No, for ultimately speaking, all action stems from avidyA.

Should this be qualified with the aspect of doership in light of the
fact that jIvan muktas also perform action?

  Thanks in advance,

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