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Dear Chandra,

I have written in this forum earlier about a cosmic
mind. I had read about it first in Sri Aurobindo's
works. I was a bit sceptic about this till I was told
about a personal experience of a close friend
(narrated earlier in the list).

The cosmic mind is the source of all our intelligence
and mental activities, including dreams, inspirations
etc. Many a scientist has been guided by dreams while
solving a seemingly impossible solution.

Sri Aurobindo calls this a Super Mind.

I am not trying to spread Sri Aurobindo's message
here, just suggesting a solution to this discussion
which seems to go around in circles.

A primordial knowledge cannot be denied. There never
was or ever will be a "blank state". Knowledge has
always existed whether manifested or unmanifested.


PS: Jaldhar, kindly arrange to post this on the list.
You know I am facing a problem with my replies.

--- "V. Chandrasekaran"
<venkatraman.chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM> wrote:
> In dream when we see an *unprecedented* thing, the
> creation of that image
> can only be due to the sUkshma budhdhi (which is
> latent during dream state).
> Hence people of different intellect see different
> kind of dreams. If this
> is the case with the limited jIva during sleep, we
> can say that the force
> of mAya acts as the sUkshma budhdhi to the Iswara
> who pervades all and acts
> as a single being, and causes this world-view filled
> with exotic objects.
> Can we?
> This way, a new creation/object can be attributed to
> a creative entity
> which is budhdhi in dream and mAya in waking state.
> Creation being anaadhi,
> no primordial material knowledge could be traced as
> cause. Is this a correct
> interpretation?
> regards,
> -chandrasekaran.

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