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Mon Dec 9 14:38:38 CST 2002

> Forwarded message from Sundararaman V. Subrahmanian
> Dear members,
> One of my Sanskrit teachers is "devotee" of Sanskrit language and an avid
> reader of bhakthi literature.  He is looking for some very old editions of
> a few books.  He is an ardent fan of an erstwhile publisher "Nirnaya
> Sagar" in Bombay.  I volunteered to request for information from this list
> as there are very learned scholars in their rolls.  Please share whatever
> information you can on the following.  I am appending the exact mail from
> my teacher:

The Nirnaya Sagar books tend to be really good quality.  I have as many of
them as I could find.

Many works have been reprinted by other publishers such as:

Parimal Publications
27/29 Shaktinagar
New Delhi, 110007

Nag Publishers
11A/UA (post office building, Jawahar Nagar,

Also all the titles you mentioned are available at the Oriental division,
of the New york, Public Library so if worst comes to worst, you can go
there and photocopy them for your teacher.

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