World-view as dream

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 2 19:26:55 CST 2002

>It appears to me that any delusion has to have a knowledge in its
>background. For eg. mirage appears as water and deludes its viewer because

That is correct. There has to be knowledge in the background.

>of the material knowledge - "if there is water, there will be reflection".
>Similarly our dreams are completely based on the material knowledge that we
>have acquired in waking state... nothing outside of it appears in the
>dream. Two centuries back, for eg., no one would have seen cars or
>aeroplanes in their dreams because they didn't have that material

I disagree with this. The people who first designed cars and aeroplanes
dreamt about them before cars and aeroplanes became material realities.

It is not correct to say that every entity in a dream has to have a referent
in the "world out there" as seen in the waking state. In a dream, one can
imagine various kinds of monsters that do not exist.

>Extending this to the "world-view as dream" concept... what is that
>primordial material knowledge that is causing this world-view dream? Or, is
>that knowledge at all needed for our current delusion (during waking
>state)? If not needed, why so?

The question one needs to ask is, who is the dreamer of the world-view dream
(if it is indeed a dream)?


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