World-view as dream

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 2 08:56:57 CST 2002

Sri Chandrasekaran,

>For eg. mirage appears as water and deludes its viewer because of the
> >material knowledge - "if there is water, there will be reflection".

There is a little wrinkle here w.r.t "material knowledge" that we have about
the waking state. Material knowledge is no doubt the first evidence we have
about this world. It is also the most irrefutable evidence we have about the
waking state, inspite of advaita. Refuting this evidence will not work
because it will react like cat in a closed room (maarjaala nyaayam).

The problem with the material knowledge is that we are forced to have it. It
is not something we acquired due to our choice. We are forced to be born on
this earth, forced to grow up, forced to learn about the waking state,
forced to eat and so on. The sense of choice has long been taken away and we
are dumped in this waking state, by you know who, the prajna, the deep sleep
state, the saguNa brahman.

Whatever material knowledge that we have about water causing reflection is
just another piece of crumbs thrown at us by the saguNa brahman. The real
knowledge is still with saguNa brahman, far from our reach.

Best regards

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