Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Sat Aug 31 16:09:52 CDT 2002

> That question is not even under debate, Kiran. As
> for whether brahman does
> control worldly reality, your tests are not the way
> to go. Shruti and the
> teachers of Vedanta have much to tell us about
> brahman and reality. That is
> enough.

Not for me, unfortunately.

> As far as your argument is concerned, I just
> showed why it is
> meaningless, regardless of whether brahman controls
> worldly reality or not.

It is not meaningless whether he controls or not. Was
Krishna's ability to cause an eclipse during the
Kurukshetra war meaningless? Was Narasimha's ability
to emerge from a pillar meaningless? Or is that all
nonsense in the Shrutis?


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