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namaste Aniruddhan and group,

First of all, a note to the list-administrator: Kindly
modify my list-membership so that I don't receive list
emails, but can read them on the website and make
postings. I find that more convenient.

I believe that Swami Vivekananda is a 100% Advaitin.
No doubt about that. His mission in life was to
demonstrate the unity of all religions. To him all the
flavours of Hinduism (Advaita, Dvaita,
Vishishtadvaita, Budhdhism, Jainism...), Christianity,
Islam or for that matter any other religion were one
and the same in essence.

As to that quote - I just quoted it since it uses the
words Paramarthika and Vyavaharika. I quoted it to ask
what we are getting into. I do not understand that
quote at all (nor do I understand Advaita!). Note that
in it he uses the word "tyranny" - which indicates
physical harm. He uses it in the context of
caste-related discrimination.

As to how Swami Vivekanda explains Upanishadic
statements about Ishvara and nirguNa braHman - I
cannot give you a good answer. But I believe that he

I am a newcomer to this whole thing called Advaita or
for that matter religion. I seek only the Truth. If
Advaita can give me the Truth, I go for it. If Dvaita
can, I'll go for it. If Vishishtadvaita can, I'll go
for it. If Electronics can, I'll go for it. If all of
them put together can, I'll go for it. But if and when
I discover it, if I do not obtain Strength, I'll shed
them all. That which does not give Strength is
useless. It is not the Truth. Not to mention, Strength
means PHYSICAL strength.

I have learnt a lot about Advaita from these few mails
that we have exchanged. My "100m in 2s" questions are
almost answered, and the answers are disappointing
since the braHmavid's physical capabilities remain
limited. I do not mean that your understanding of
Advaita is lacking. What I mean is - my expectations
from Advaita are too much and perhaps stupid too. I
have learnt that argument is useless, and so is

May we discover the Truth! May we develop that
Strength which can shake this world! This world needs


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