jIvanmukta's grace

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Isn't it true that some realised souls do re-incarnate
to propagate the knowledge? Or is this just our
own belief made up in order to encourage the people
about what is good.
I am not sure what people have to say about the nightly
sancharam of realised souls near their own adhishTaana.

One instance is: 
              The samaadhi of the Guru of Bodhendra
Swamigal of Kanchi (16th cent) was not known to anyone.
Mahaperiyava of Kanchi ordered a group of people to start
searching for it and he accompanied them. At one place near
Tanjore, when they were digging in a paddy field (after
getting some initial clues about the spot), one of the
group of people who was digging saw the very Swami whose
samaadhi they were all searching, sitting down below
and chanting Mahamantra with Vedic scholars surrounding
him. The Swami looked up and asked the people to stop 
digging. The person who had this vision fell unconscious 
and later narrated what he saw. Mahaswami later decided 
that's the place and raised an adhishTaana there.

I have also read that Ramana's breath subsided in his
body itself when he attained mahaa samaadhi. Thus the
subtle body would have dissolved. But I am not very
confident about this because of conflicting beliefs.
Please shed more light on this.


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> Hari Om !!
> (Ofcourse, expect better answers from other scholers
> on the list)
> As such it is called a sarIram; srIyatE iti sarIram.
> For an ordinary person the sUkshma sarIra remains to
> take another body. But, for a jIvanmukta, even the
> sUkshma sarIra will get dissolved.
> As such a jIvanmukta has realised that he is not
> sarIram. So, why would such One need a sarIram, to
> bless his devotees. That One is ever existing as
> Existance, Consciousness, Bliss.
> Om Namo Narayanaya !!
> Srikrishna
> --- Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM wrote:
> > Dear members,
> >     Please enlighten me on this.
> >     What happens to the subtle body of a jIvanmukta
> > upon his shedding his
> > gross body? Does it remain in order to grace His
> > devotees and followers?
> > Or does it merge with the elements? I have read that
> > Great lives like Ramana,
> > Ramakrishna remain in subtle form and bless the
> > aspirants.
> >
> >     Thanks and warm regards,
> >     chandrasekaran.
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