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Sat Aug 31 07:16:51 CDT 2002

praNAm kiran prabhuji,
Hare Krishna,

KrishnAShtami greetings to all prabhujis,

I've been following this thread interestingly.  I am not an authority on
this subject since I am still a beginner.  Stalwarts like Vidyashankar
prabhuji & jaldhar vyas prabhuji have already passed their valuable
comments on this issue &  I have nothing more to add.  But  today morning I
was reading a book titled *parables of rama* ( its a compilation of stories
narrated by  Swamy Ramathirtha in his discourses) In that,  one story
dragged my attention which I'd like to share with you:

//There was one realised person,   out of ecstasy, by standing on the top
of the third floor of a building exclaiming at the top of his voice * I am
God*, *I am thy self*, shivoham shivoham .  People who were watching this
drama, hearing his claims,  shouted at him & asked him to jump from the
third floor to ground floor  to establish his godliness.  That realised
person said in reply,  Hi, my alter egos, I can do whatever you want, I can
jump any leap for that matter,  but first, pls. show me where my presence
is *not*  there... you are treating this *body* with limited adjuncts as
God & asking me to jump from here to there but I am not this body, I am all
pervading, omnipresent parabrahman. //

Such is the state of a realised soul prabhuji,  he feels his presense
everywhere, he sees nothing otherthan *himself*.  What you are asking him
to do is,  limited to his body & senses which is subject to decay & death.
If you still ask him to run 100Mtrs dash within 2 secs, perhaps he will ask
you to get him a supersonic plane  to accomplish it !!    : ---  )  )....
coz.  he knows that both his limbs & supersonic plane as well are upAdhis &
limited in its very nature.  There is no problem for him in using any one
of them to satisfy you : -- ))

Ajay prabhuji, I donot know whether I have answered your question or still
running in the same circle, but it is always better to keep in our mind
that brahmavids donot want certificates from materialists like us  to prove
their realisation as sri vidyashankar prabhuji mentioned.

May krishna bless you my friend

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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