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Fri Aug 30 10:42:40 CDT 2002

--- Vidyasankar <vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> >You're assuming what I want you to prove: That the
> >tests I proposed are silly.
> >
> This argument keeps going round and round in
> circles.
> It doesn't matter whether the tests you propose are
> intrinsically silly or
> not.

Nothing is "intrinsically" silly. What is
"intrinsically silly" to you may not be "intrinsically
silly" to me, because I may be relatively silly
compared to you.

> From the standpoint of worldly reality, they
> indeed are meaningless.

Not if it is claimed that the braHman controls
"worldly reality".

> But the point is, why would a brahmavit want to take
> the tests you propose?
> A true brahmavit has no desire or need to prove
> anything. To that extent,
> your "tests" are self-defeating.

Oh! You're starting it again! My friend, first test
capability before testing if the capability will be
excercised or not. Something like this:

1: if(capable=true)
2:  {
3:   ask("Dear Sir, will you do it?");
4:   if (answer=no)
5:    {
6:    ask("Why not?");
7:    }
8:   else /*answer=yes*/
9:    {
A:    ask("Then please do it");
B:    wait until done; /* don't sleep and dream! */
C:    ask("Can you show me how to do it?");
D:    }
E:  }
F: else /* capable=false */
G:  {
H:    say("Dear Sir, you cannot do it.");
I:  }

Everyone seems to be jumping directly to the line
labelled 6, and even giving answers to that question -
answers like "He ain't got no desires!", "He thinks
you're not Swami Vivekananda!", "He thinks it's spoil
your spiritual growth!", "He doesn't need to prove
anything!"...etc etc.


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