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Dear Sri Kiran
Glad that you are dying to meet a pious person who can reverse the process by employing the same agent-water became so by heat of fire on ice and fire should be employed to convert water to ice.If you really believe that a brahmavid can accomplish that task it shall happen so I have no doubt about it.I am not able to point out any such person right now but definitely tellyou as and when I come across such an one.We are all in search of Brahman who is nothing but our ownSelves but realisation has to come to that effect.As you are very ardent to know the action of Brahman perhaps you may yourself perform that task.
What was pointed out is that we have instances where fire has lost its heat and became cool and wind became still contrary to their avowed nature.So abrahmavid can easily perform these tasks Himself, He being the All in All.
I think you construed that the Divine Characters I quoted  were different from Brahman .They were Brahman only but They had to play Their roles according to Their predetermined freewill.
What I  wanted to stress was that when one realises that he is THE BRAHMAN  He will not try to establish that He is Brahman by undergoing the tests you are prescribing , as He knows that He has projected all these universe and their interrelations by His Maya and you are seeing things as you want to see them and not their true nature.About running 200 meters in 2 seconds as Brahman is everywhere you have to show Him void space to run -and this reminds me of MahaBali-! You think that your tests are so difficult to perform that they are impossible. Could you have ever imagined that for reaching an West situated place one can travel East on the Earth before discovery that earth is spherical in shape?
I conclude that you feel perhaps hurt that I pointed out that your tests are silly.What I meant was that everything in this universe is so well determined and the elements obeying the laws implicitly why one should try to break the same.I have attempted to clarify your points as you appear to be sincere and serious about knowing what is Brahman.You have to have Faith in the Hindu Scriptures.Existence,Consciuosness and Faith are the corner stones of Hindu philosophy.Thanks for provoking me to think about Brahman.Krishnamoorthy.
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