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Kiran there is some confusion in understanding - brahavit brahama eva
bhavati - knower of Brahman becomes brahman.  Brahman means
infiniteness and by that very word it also means it does not exclude
anything and it does not have any internal (nor external)
differentiations or distinctions.  There is no question of the world
and Brahman - Braham includes everything without any internal
distinctions as purrnam, chainanyam and sat pratyayam.

Knower of Brhaman cannot be a knower who knows some object as this is
brahman since - there is nothing other than Brahman, knower of the
Brahman should be the one who knows that I am that Brahman since
there is not more subject-object distinctions in Brhman.  Only way
this can happpen is to recoginition that I know (realize) that I am
that Brhaman and not this thing I know is Brahman.  Hence Brahman vit
can be knowing that oneself is Brhanam and this one is Brahman -
Hence it has to follow that Brahma vit Brahma eva bhavati.

There is no more world - powers - I separate from the world - all
those distinctions are disloved in the homogeneous mass of
consciousness that one is.

Just as when you wake up from your dream there is no more the dream
world and dream poweres and dream runnings etc. all are resolved into
the waking mind.

Hari OM!

> I have three questions to the group, but I must start
> with a preface.
> -------------------------------------------
> According to Advaita, the braHmavid is braHman. That
> is,
> braHmavid = braHman.
> It is clear to me that through the destruction of
> avidyA it is possible for a braHmavid to attain the
> braHman to whom satya, jnana and anatatva are
> attributed. However, it is not clear to me if the
> braHmavid can do anything wonderful in this material
> world at all. I mean, do his powers in the material
> world remain as limited as they were before the
> removal of the veil of avidyA? If the braHmavid was an
> athlete and he could complete 100m in 10s in a state
> of avidyA, can he do it in, let's say 2s when the
> avidyA is removed?
> If the entire universe is the maayaa of the braHman,
> it is clear that the braHmavid has the entire maayaa
> in his command. The entire universe is a game he
> plays, and he is free to choose the laws that govern
> this game. If he chooses, he can see to it that when
> we wake up tomorrow, water when heated actually turns
> into ice - and this, for everybody in the world we
> know.
> Now to the questions:
> Question 1: Am I right in the above analysis? Does the
> braHmavid have this sort of control over the material
> world which is all his maayaa? Can he change (for
> example) the rules of Physics (which are well within
> maayaa) as we know?
> Question 2: If yes, where and in which scriptures is
> there mention of such powers being gained by the
> braHmavid?
> Question 3: If not, does it mean that the braHmavid,
> with his braHmavidyaa, has still to bow to maayaa? And
> hence that we cannot equate the braHmavid to braHma?
> And does that mean a flaw in Advaita?
> -------------------------------------------
> Dhanyavaad,
> Kiran
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