Tenets of Samkhya

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 14 17:30:49 CDT 2002

>> Does it mean according to Yoga there are three
>> entities:
>> Prakriti, purusha, and Iswara ?
>It would seem so.  In his book "Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali" (which is an
>English translation and exposition of the Yogasutras and Vyasabhashya)

One has to be careful about what one means with the use of numbers here. In
Samkhya, Prakrti and Purusha are independent entities, and it is therefore
called a dualistic system. But this does not mean that there is only one
Purusha. In fact, in Samkhya, there are multiple Purushas, each one being
independent of the other Purusha-s.

In the Yoga school, there are also multiple Purusha-s, and Ishvara is a
special Purusha (Yogasutra says purusha-visheSho IshvaraH). It differs from
classical Samkhya, in that Samkhya does not admit of Ishvara.


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