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Re: Welcome and Request for more info.

Pranaam. My name is Sanjay Verma. I am 33 years
old. I was born in Meerut, UP, but my family
relocated to the USA when I was 2 years old. I
spent 7 years in Silicon Valley as a project
manager, before I left that profession for
something more meaningful. I am currently a
3rd-year medical student in India., in hopes of
integrating a life of service by practicing both
the medical sciences and the principles of
vedanta in my profession.

After I left my computer profession, I took 2
years off to study philosphy and Sanskrit at UC
Berkeley. I have been informally studying Indian
philosophy for about 17 years, and my particular
area of interest is Shankara's advaita vedanta.

Of late, I am reading in detail the Bhagavadgita
Bhasya of Shanakara, and am becoming more
thoroughly versed in the Bhaja Govindam (more
versed in the sense of singing it daily and
trying to practice the message).

I am interested in joining your list serve to
read oither people's thoughts and reflections on
Shankara's timeless wisdom and eloquence. I have
had periods of prolific writing in my life, and
especially enjoy writing poetry and analytical
essays -- so, if you deem my contributions
worthy, I would also like to occasionally

If you have any further questions, please do not
hesitate to ask.



The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step.--Chinese Proverb


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