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 Lets not get into another slanging match here - lets be carefull that
there can be several view points to anything, and with some thing as
communal as the books on desecration of temples, we have to all be doubly
carefull not to be swayed one way or another ... We are in this list not
for the promotion of equality or establishing superiority except in a
quite, philosophical sense. We are here to learn.

> Jaldhar wrote:
>> If you have spare time to read, spend it on reading shastras or the
>> teachings of our sadgurus instead of items of dubious value like these.

 That such work as has been published is important cannot be questioned -
At it's best, such works can potential provide archeological basis for
questioning current day beliefs. If nothing else, it gives balance to the
propaganda of the many other religious groups present, each with their own
dogma. Personally, the books I have read on this site and other so called
"hindutva" sites give little of solid evidence on their own, but that does
not exclude the possibility.

 K Anand wrote:

> Hey.............c'mon ! You are outright audacious now !!
> How can u say that these books are of dubious value? Have u read them?
> not, how can u comment on them? Its because of people like u that India
> been trampled upon, plundered and humiliated for more than a millenium.
> You cannot establish the Principles of Advaita Vedanta where Sanatana
> is not flourishing. Reading shastras and teachings of Sadgurus when your
> temples are being desecrated, your womenfolk molested, your resources
> plundered will not help u. How can u follow the teachings when the
> atmosphere for practice of these tenets is lost? I advise u to visit
> site and read all the books available and then come to a conclusion.

 However, all these web sites and books and publications should also be
taken with a grain of salt - it is not as if all the ills of the present
society is because of someone plundering your homes etc. etc., and not
allowing you to practice sanatana dharma. There are enough temples
languishing with vines and creepers on them that have nothing to do with
all this. There are enough hard working true and honest "priests" that
disputes your beliefs ... Saying so is like burying your head in the sand
not wanting to see the truth.
 Lets use our God given intellect to see how each of us can make a
difference. Lets us focus on learning the right things and struggle to
actually do them.

nara janma durlabham!

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam
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