Where do they belong?

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>Hey.............c'mon ! You are outright audacious now !!

Have you ever known me not to be? :-)

>How can u say that these books are of dubious value? Have u read them? If
>not, how can u comment on them?

Yes I'm quite familiar with the ideas of the Hindu right wing.  (P.N. Oak is
the best in my opinion :-)  When I first got interested in Hinduism I went
through a phase like that.  Luckily I came into contact with scholars and
saints who corrected my ignorance.

>Its because of people like u that India has
>been trampled upon, plundered and humiliated for more than a millenium.

Let me ask you (and by you I mean anyone reading this):  who is trampling or
plundering or humiliating you now?  Such things did occur in the past.  We
survived them all.  India may have its' problems but it is not a military
dictatorship or an economic basket case like Pakistan.  How does obsessing
about Muslims in any way make you a better Hindu?  Did you read the posts
earlier this week about true Bhakti?  Bhagawan has made very clear what
needs to be done. Unless you think you know better than Him you can't just
pick something else you like and decide to follow that instead.

>You cannot establish the Principles of Advaita Vedanta where Sanatana
>Dharma is not flourishing.

It is up to us to make it flourish.  Brooding over the past does nothing to

>Reading shastras and teachings of Sadgurus when your
>temples are being desecrated, your womenfolk molested, your resources
>plundered will not help u.

Look out of the window, do you see any desecrating, molesting or plundering
going on?  No?  Then what is the excuse for not reading the shastras and
following the teachings of sadgurus? What terrible privations do we feel we
are facing with our internet access and other luxuries that we think we can
abandon our Dharma, when those who actually did live during times of
desecrating, plundering, and molesting tried to observe it so meticulously?

>How can u follow the teachings when the
>atmosphere for practice of these tenets is lost?

By making my own atmosphere.  From Advaita Vedanta you should learn one
thing:  that times and circumstances are Maya.  YOU make them.  Through your
will you can change them.  If that will is guided by truth it leads to good,
if by falsehood it becomes evil.  We have it on good authority that truth
alone will in the end prevail.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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