True Devotion (was Re: Rituals)

Ravi Mayavaram msr at COMCO.COM
Tue Sep 25 14:00:41 CDT 2001

AUM shivAbhyAnnamaH

True that karma cannot be divorced from bhakti. We have to look what
prevent a bhakta who thinks he believes in vedic religion from doing the
karma. 1) Lack of knowledge 2) Lack of physical strength 3) Lack of mental
strength. Of these #3 is the fundamental problem which comes into being and
is aggravated by dur-vAsana-s.

Traditionally when a person surrenders to God, the sharaNagati is said to
have six limbs or anga-s.  Of them "anukUlasya sa.nkalpam"
and "prAtikUlasya varjanam" are the affirmations of the devotee that he
will try his best to do what is favored by GOD and will stay away from what
is abhorred or not favored by God.  Despite the best of his intentions, it
is not always easy. Wrongs habits of eons and other things deter the
devotee in many many ways. So he asks God for help to accomplish those two.
This realization of one's inability is known as kArpaNyam. Understanding
one's weakness and inability (including mental) brings humility. Gita
begins only when this realization of kArpaNyam dawns on arjuNa (kaarapaNya
doshho ...).  This coupled with mahA vishvAsam that God will save is basis
of bhakti and sharaNagati.  Then it is the job of God to help, educate and
enable HER devotee to do the right thing and stay away from the wrong
thing. Here a bhakta does not reject karma, but merely holds on to HER feet
and wails MOTHER I do not know what to do, how to do, and do not have inner
strength, please help me. SHE will help. Especially, when one does bhAra
samarpaNam to HER, most worldy concerns stop from haunting the devotee from
doing his duties. A constant contemplation of ideas and consequences of
sharaNagati (of all its limbs) lead the devotee to perfection.

Corrections are welcome.

AUM shrImAtre namaH

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